Best Powder For 9mm Coated Bullets

9MM 115 Grain Accu Coat Round Nose (250 Count) $32.99 As low as $22.00 Add to Cart 9MM 115 Grain round nose coated bullets now available at Northeast! These bullets start life as ingots consisting of 92% lead, 6% antimony, and 2% tin, the optimal lead composition for the making of projectiles.

Dec 8, 2014.

AA#5 and #7 have worked well for me, but #7 seems to work best at around a 140PF. Link to comment. Share on other sites.

Finally made it to the range to tryout my Bayou coated bullets with Titegroup powder. 9mm, Witness 4.5" barrel, Bayou 124 TCG, 1.105 COL, CCI500 primers (data removed for liability reasons) The accuracy seemed good for all the loads, but the 3.7gn gave me the best group.

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Jun 21, 2019.

We recommend powders with burn rates slower than the' top 15 on this list, with the exceptions being Ramshot Competition, Red Dot, and N310. We.

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2400 under a 44 Mag 320 WFPGC with and with out the gas check coated with HF red powder coat. AA #9 under the same 125 TC coated with HF red powder coat as in 9mm but in 357 Sig. all worked well and produced less smoke and fouling than the same bullet uncoated, was able to run fairly hot in 357 Sig and 44 Mag.

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The Ready Defense Ammo have Hex-Vent inserts in their hollow points, which are pre scored. Their 124 grain 9mm run 1200 fps, and deliver 396 FPE.

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Mar 13, 2017.

I've tried many powders in the 9mm with numerous cast bullets. I've settled on Hodgdon LongShot with either the Lee 105gr SWC or 120gr TC. I've.

Mar 2, 2013.

I use HP-38/231 for the 9MM and for the 45 ACP either 700-X or Blue Dot with the nod to 700-X for being lots cleaner burning. Especially with.

Mar 5, 2021.

I've used WST, TG, Sport Pistol and CFE Pistol for coated bullets with no issues. WST for 45 ACP and 40 SW target loads. Sport Pistol and TG for.

We recommend powders with burn rates slower than the' top 15 on this list, with the exceptions being Ramshot Competition, Red Dot, and N310. We HIGHLY recommend checking out "Alliant Sport Pistol." It's an excellent, cheap, and readily available powder that is made specifically for coated bullets.

9mm Gun Show Price Smith & Wesson M&P 9 Shield M2.0 9mm 3.1" Black 7+1/8+1 $351.95 Add to Compare (5) Springfield Armory Hellcat 9mm 3" Black OSP w/Red Laser Package $548.25 Add to Compare (89) Beretta USA J9A9F10 92A1 9mm 4.90" 17+1 Matte Black Black Steel $600.95 Add to Compare (125) SCCY CPX2 10+1 9mm 3.1" Black $197.35 Add

I ran WW231 and HP-38 (same powder) for a long time. 3.6 gn 1.125 oal with no problem, especially with coated bullets. No leading. The real problem is pushing that 124 gn bullet at 1000+ fps. Bayou bullets, while coated are not jacketed. Try to stay below that 1000 fps threshold.